Merry Christmas

Joy in the Moments

 Emails, conference calls, and meetings have come to a virtual halt.  Many of you are leaving on family trips or heading home for the holidays, or perhaps your house is going to be filled with family coming to you.   I think that each year that I sit down and write our Christmas blog, I echo previous thoughts.  While they may be somewhat repetitive, they also ring true each year.

We live in a town just outside of Nashville, called Franklin.  Our town often feels like it is straight out of a movie set and at Christmas even more so.  The decorated store fronts, the huge Christmas tree in the square, and the twinkling snowflakes hanging in the trees bring a sense of joy to the everyday drive or activities.  It creates a moment to ponder.

Breathe. Reflect. Pause.

Streamline has had a wonderful year with our clients and our partners but now is the time to breathe.
Breathe. Deep breaths in and out as you embrace family and the moments that memories are made.  Reflect.  Remember the reason for Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus so long ago.   Pause. I am reminded when I go home that my daughters will not remember the big stuff we did this year as a business, but they will remember the memories we make around Christmas.  Those will be the moments they ponder as life carries them forward.

Merry Christmas to You

So, with that in mind let me say Merry Christmas from all of us at Streamline Event Agency.  We hope you make memories that last a lifetime!  Don’t worry, when you return to work for 2019, we will be here ready to go to make great things happen with you.

Merry Christmas.

Audience: Who is yours?

Do you know?

Do you really know?

In everything we do we have an audience. That audience could be an audience of one or an audience of 10,000.

The size doesn’t matter.  How you connect does matter.  Whether you are performing on the stage at the Ryman, at the podium in front of a class, or sitting across the table for a one on one conversation, knowledge of your audience is crucial to your success.

Challenge your audience

We hear a lot of talk about engagement and audience experience.  Crafting this involves asking the right questions that elicit honest responses. If you really want to know what people think of your brand, ask.  It can also be as simple as listening to everyday conversation and identifying a common problem for all of us. For example, a friend of mine recently attended the Jack White show here in Nashville.  Upon entrance into the arena he was required to place his phone in a bag that locks, and he kept it in his pocket.  My friend was a bit nervous about not having his phone, but once the show began, the distraction was removed and all that was left was the experience.   Jack White had the guts to challenge the audience and responded to the complaint we all secretly have of living a distracted life.

You Shouldn’t Fear the Answers, You should fear the silence

Knowing your audience gives you power over your brand and your art. You may be pouring millions of dollars into the wrong audience and if this is the case your business or product will be short lived.  Often times the changes are not significant but rather finite as you ask the right questions.  You shouldn’t fear the answers, you should fear the silence.

Effort goes further than the status quo

As an agency, we help build your momentum and your audience both with creative thought and live events.  We have to continue to break the mold with new and fresh ideas.  Not every idea works but your audience knows that you are trying and effort goes further than the status quo.

We don’t build a live event and then identify the audience, we identify the audience and craft the message and the live event for them.  Give us a call to learn how we can do this for you and help us get to know our audience even more.

Give Thanks

Tis The Season

As I drove into Nashville this morning, I began listening to Christmas music and was struck with the natural calmness that this time of year elicits in my spirit.  It isn’t all about Christmas and the reality is if there were good Thanksgiving songs, I would listen to those.  What I was reminded of today was how thankful I am for the little things.  This past weekend, our home was filled with the kind of memories that last a lifetime and extend beyond anything we do in our professional lives. If this weekend was any indication of the next few weeks, this year’s Christmas season will be magical.


With all that being said, as I think about Streamline, our clients, and our partners, I am beyond thankful for this past year.  It has been a year that has included new employees, seven new clients, and countless adventures.  While it may sound cliché, I am truly thankful for each of our team members for their work and more importantly who they are and who they are becoming.  I know that we cannot manufacture company culture.  We can lay out the guide or the path but it is up to those individuals to embrace and enhance.  Our team does this so well and I am so thankful to watch us grow as a team.

I love to hear that clients are thrilled with our work and that we deliver on all of their goals, but I equally love hearing Streamline described as “the best job I have had” or a “great place to work.”  I know this is not the case for everyone or every company.   I am thankful for our team that helps make this possible.


As we celebrate today with our families and friends, at the risk of sounding predictable, take a few moments to think about what you have, who you have, and how much we have to be thankful for.  Life is life and is unpredictable by nature.  We have all had challenges this year but have learned to see through the challenges to find the joys and on this day, hopefully that includes turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

From Palm Trees to Christmas Trees

Palm Trees to Christmas Trees

I woke up this morning to a burst of cold air, the kind of cold that we don’t usually see in Nashville until late December and early January.  It was a bit of culture shock having just returned from sunny and warm Las Vegas.

It was a great week in Las Vegas with a new client, but we are trading in the palm trees for Christmas trees literally.  November and December have always been a busy time for our company. Several of our artists are known for their Christmas brands, so each year we put on the hot cocoa and the Christmas music a bit early to get in the spirit.  We are finishing up set fabrication and final touches before two of our Christmas tours begin rehearsal this week.

Christmas Is Coming

Amy and Vince will be featured for 12 shows at the Historic Ryman Auditorium and for those that have seen this show, it is quintessential Christmas and a great tradition for those to come and even those of us that participate.  I love ending the year with these two legends on one of the greatest stages in the world.

In addition to Amy and Vince, Keith and Kristyn Getty will take, Sing! An Irish Christmas, on the road in what has become a tradition in markets across the US including the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Carnegie Hall in New York City, Pikes Peak Center in Colorado Springs, and ending at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville. Two very different brands but two equally festive evenings of music and Christmas celebration.

Pass The Eggnog

So while we love Las Vegas and the palm trees, we are happy to trade them in for Christmas trees and twinkle lights everywhere.  Here’s to hoping some snowflakes come our way early.

As you look ahead to 2019 we hope to work with you but for now enjoy the moments that are to come over the next five weeks.  Someone pass the eggnog…

What Is Reality?

What Is Reality?

As we near the end of October and come upon Halloween, I am reminded that Halloween is a great example of creating our own reality.  We all dress up in weird costumes of superheroes, villains, unicorns, and princesses if you are my five-year-old.  Even before this wave of technology we sought ways to create an alternate reality or experience if only for a moment.  You could say this was the old school method of virtual and augmented reality.

Today, we often ask, “what is reality”? Reality today is skewed by so many things.  From fake news to sensationalized television to number of likes on social media, it is hard to identify what is real and what is not.  Our love of technology has brought us to this place. We have become more attached to our devices than a human connection.  We believe what the device tells us simply because it is easier than engaging with the humans right in front of us.  It isn’t enough to hide behind a mask for one night but rather now we hide behind our screens.  This is the dark side of our love for technology.

Pushing The Envelope

The same intellect that has us addicted to our devices also pushes the envelope in healthcare, transportation, education, and more.  It allows us to experience things that were unreachable for most people a short decade ago.   Whether it is tracking your overall health through your watch, virtual healthcare, expediting your training on a new job so you can advance faster, or seeing what it really looks like at the highest point of the earth, technology through its failings has brought us some pretty amazing stuff. There are always two sides to the story.

New Technology For Our Clients

As an agency, we are constantly studying ways to bring value to our clients and have been exploring advancement in new technology the past 12 months.   We have watched as our clients and industry leaders continue to invest in new ways to train employees, non-profits look for new ways to bring a world away experience to their audience, and the service industry enhances its response and operations on-site.  Through the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we are excited about bringing multiple solutions to our clients.  We will be bringing these technologies to large scale events as well as training and experiential uses.  We choose to improve life and enhance experiences with these advances and will always be on the hunt for the best solutions for our clients.

Streamline is excited to be working with these new technologies to enhance experiences across the spectrum. Give us a call to see how we can do this for you and what we can do for you.

Inspiration: Our Team

Inspiration: Where To Find It

Each time I sit down to write a blog, I try to find inspiration and a new view on the day to day that will hopefully inspire and shape our audience. It hit me today that the inspiration I needed was inside our four walls. You see, our team loves live events. Over the past two months we have been stretched to every corner possible and even today, we still have two tours on the road, planning for a new project in November, and a ton of work in December. I thought that it would be fun to highlight the work our team has done in photos and save my deep wisdom for the next blog.

August 2018 – Friends Life Benefit


August 2018 – Surrounded Event with Michael W. Smith (Television Production)



September 2018 – HCA



September 2018 – Premise Health – Jon Acuff



September 2018 – Sing! Conference



September and October 2018 – We Are One Tour



September and October 2018 – Getty Music Tour


Two Words: Well Done

Sometimes a picture can paint a thousand words. I can’t say enough about the work our team and our partners did over the past 60 days. By nature, I can gloss over the success and immediately identify our misses and areas we need to improve. However, recently someone reminded me that we need to acknowledge success. They are right. We continually strive for perfection and constant improvement but sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses and say to your team, well done. With that being said, great job Streamline Event Agency.

Creative Re-Invention: The Meeting Space

Capitalize On Opportunities

September has been the busiest month of EVENTS in our company’s history. We love working with our world-class clients to maximize every moment, and dollar to make their gatherings as memorable as possible.  The opportunity has never been better for us to capitalize on the opportunities to be creative in the meeting space.

World Renowned speaker/author/blogger Seth Godin recently put it this way:

I’m frequently amazed, but not particularly surprised, at what a bad job conferences do at their stated objective. What’s the problem? After all, these are expensive, professionally-run events that work hard to satisfy the typical attendee.
And that, of course, is the problem.
Facts don’t change people’s behavior.
Emotion changes people’s behavior.
Stories and irrational impulses are what change behavior. Not facts or bullet points.
If all we need were facts, then books alone would be sufficient. -Seth Godin
Be Creative

We whole-heartedly agree with Seth.  Streamline Event AGENCY (yes I meant to capitalize that word), is taking this opportunity to position ourselves as leaders in creative reinvention within the corporate meeting space.  Some of our ideas are simple – Change to soft seating as opposed to table rounds, use technology to your advantage to give shout outs to top performers, recommend much shorter ‘bursts’ of content rather than long key-notes, and always use a creative exercise/example to drive home the points made in each session.

We love watching our clients come to life, as they trust us with these small, but important, changes, and are always thrilled at the satisfaction these changes make to our clients meetings.

The Future of Events

We are working on MUCH bigger and more creative meeting applications that will roll out in 2019.  We have started testing a few with some clients and the early results are very positive.

So, how can Streamline Event AGENCY provide creative services to your next meeting?  We’d be honored to sit with you, listen, and make recommendations based on our collective 10+ years of working in the creative entertainment space.  We love discovering how creativity can improve the meeting space, and it’s our honor to work with a wonderful list of growing clients!

The Power Of Moments


As summer winds down, I’m sure some of you are still basking in the magical memories made on a summer trip to Walt Disney World with your families. And for those of you that didn’t make the trip this summer, you undoubtedly recall your last visit to the happiest place on Earth. Some of my best childhood memories are of strolling through the parks with my parents, conquering my fears on the “big rides” with my brother, or “oooo-ing” and “aaaah-ing” at the fireworks above Main Street USA. Sounds like a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day to this child at heart. Is everything perfect at Walt Disney World, or do we just choose to think of it that way?

The Peak-End Rule

In their book, The Power of Moments, Chip and Dan Heath take a deeper look at the “peak-end rule”, which suggests that most people tend to rate their overall experiences based on two key moments – the peak (either the best or worst moment), and the ending. Psychologists propose that, if at various moments in a single day during a Disney visit, a family rated their experiences from 1 to 10 (1 being lousy and 10 being terrific), a wide variance of responses would be received. With the majority of the day would be spent standing in long lines, sweating in the oppressive Florida heat, and overpaying for mediocre park food, many responses would likely be fairly low. However, on the contrary, rating responses would likely soar after an exhilarating ride on Space Mountain, a princess makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, or a mouse ears family photo in front of Cinderella’s castle. The daily average rating would likely fall somewhere in the 5-6 range, which is fairly disappointing for such an expensive and highly anticipated experience. However, these psychologists predict that if they were to ask that same family to rate their overall Disney experience one month later, they would likely give it a near perfect rating of 9-10. Why? They remember the peak and the ending, and have forgotten those difficulties along the way.

Making A Lasting Impact

Our team at Streamline Event Agency has long understood the power of the peak and the lasting impact of a memorable ending. Those are the most fun moments to deliver for our clients – the magician that wows everyone, the keynote speaker with an incredible story, the surprise celebrity performance, or the creative on-screen content. We love those peak and ending moments, and we know what an impact they have on our clients and their audiences. Even still, we don’t want to “forget the rest”, as the Disney park-goers do.

Defining moments shape our lives, but we don’t have to wait for them to happen. We can be the author of them.   -Chip Heath


Our ability to focus on both the big picture and the fine details simultaneously is part of what sets us apart from other event companies. The nuts and bolts of the event process aren’t glamorous, but they are crucial to building a positive and memorable experience that will last more than just one day. From CAD drawings and floorplans, to transportation and parking, to catering details and registration tables, we recognize that all of these elements need to work together seamlessly to create a pleasant and painless experience for our clients and their guests. Our goal is to raise the rating average of the event while it’s happening, not to simply wait a month for a glowing review after the excitement or frustration fades.

Moments To Remember

Launching a corporate event or meeting? You’ll remember all of it fondly when you partner with Streamline Event Agency. We look forward to all the magical moments we’ve yet to create, mouse ears or not.

Refuel – The Process

Refueling.  Success is in the past.

As we come to the end of summer I find that it is a reminder of how quickly time flies.  At Streamline, we do not have a lot of down time, but we typically find that June and July are at least free from excessive travel.  It allows us to rest, refuel, and create great summer memories with our families and find some type of balance in our daily lives.

The refueling process is key to ongoing success.

The problem with success is that it is a lousy teacher and it is always in the past. Past successes can be used as a memory or a motivation when we’re stuck, but they’re always behind us. Think about that for a minute. To be successful is about something we have done. It has nothing to do with what we will do today or tomorrow.  When you begin to understand this mentality, you understand that you have to refuel from success.  You have to re-charge in order to move forward.

We Cannot Rely on Past Accolades

So as we start our busy fall season, our team understands that success for our clients and our company starts over with every project.  We know that we cannot rely on past accolades. It breeds complacency. To quote author, Phil Savage, it is 4thand Goal every day.   When it is 4thand Goal, you get one shot and your attention to detail and your preparation will be the indicator of your success.

“It is 4th and Goal every day”.  -Phil Savage

In the waning weeks of summer, have you rested and refueled for your next challenge? If you have congratulations and we wish you well. If you haven’t, make time to really reset.  You can’t lead from behind and you can’t expect success without preparation.

Streamline is rested, refueled and ready to go to work as if it is 4thand goal every day.  If you want this mindset as part of your team, give us a call and we are happy to go to work for you.

Summer Rest Guide

Summer Is Here

This time of year around the water cooler at Streamline Event Agency, you’re likely to hear talk of great golf games, new recipes attempted on a Big Green Egg, daring fireworks displays at block parties, teaching our kids how to swim or ride a bike without training wheels, fishing through the living room floor of a house boat, or even searching all over town for the perfect pot for your favorite houseplant that continues to grow. That’s because in addition to knowing how to work, we also know how to play, and we love to share our adventures with each other. While we all enjoy different hobbies and activities, the common thread is that we all pursue rest – not necessarily physically, but simply taking a break from the everyday grind.

Rest Is Crucial to Success and Productivity

I remember the first time I worked with a personal trainer. I didn’t enjoy working out, so I needed someone to simplify the process and hold me accountable. I assumed he would insist that I be in the gym every single day, so imagine my surprise when the workout plan he devised for me included days off in between tough stints! I thought he was just taking pity on his scrawny new trainee, but soon discovered that it was strategic.

He explained that the resistance training we were doing together actually breaks down the muscles, and that the “rest” period that follows allows the connective tissue time to rebuild before the next workout. Hitting the gym again too soon (although it might seem like the diligent, “go-getter” thing to do) wouldn’t be as productive and could actually cause more harm than good if your muscles haven’t had the proper time to recover. The days off will propel you into an even better, stronger, more productive workout next time. Once I discovered that balance I learned to love the hard work and the challenge of setting the next goal.

Making a Rest Strategy

And so it is in the corporate culture of today, where we are beholden to our phones, e-mail inboxes, and text messages around the clock. Whether it is technology companies, the foodservice industry, medical and pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and distributors, or non-profit agencies, we continually hear from our clients that “rest” is crucial to the success and productivity of their teams. That’s why so many of the signature events Streamline produces for our corporate clients have not only educational and motivational components, but also an opportunity to relax and be entertained, pampered, and nurtured. Much like the muscles of the body use those days off to launch them into an even better workout, we love creating opportunities for our clients to recharge.

What are you doing to rest? Have you found the balance of work and play? Whatever “muscles” you’ve been overworking, we hope you’ll give them a few days off to rebuild. Your friends at Streamline can’t wait to see what big things you tackle next, and you need to be fresh and well rested to do it! So, happy summer from Streamline Event Agency, where we work hard, play hard, rest well, and are ready to crush the busiest season of events in our company’s history – Fall 2018!


Streamline Event Agency