What We Do For Artists
Creating an “Advance”

We make life easy by creating a consistent and controlled environment on the road that allows our tour entourage to perform at their max potential. While this obviously pertains to the artists on stage, it also applies to the crew behind the scenes. By meticulously managing the details (or the “advance” as we call it) prior to, during, and after each show, we set our crew up for a successful show day and therefore lay the ground work for our artists to do what they do best.

Remove Barriers before the Day Begins

Perfection is hard to come by on the road, as you deal with different local personnel and layouts at each venue in each respective city, but having a solid show advance and proper communication to your crew allows all barriers we encounter to be dealt with easily. Going into a show without a plan and with no communication to a team is a recipe for disaster. People don’t like surprises (unless they result in a celebration of your birth followed by presents). So we have the foresight and communication of upcoming circumstances to set the tone for how a difficult day can be tackled.


Create Consistency

With great detail we approach every show, no matter what the size, with the same amount of care and detail in an effort to create consistency along the way that isn’t affected by circumstance or location. Being able to create the same environment daily, allows the tour personnel to find a routine. Much like life at home, you fall into a routine on the road. While you may not be waking up in the same bed and prepping for the day in your own private bathroom at home, being able to find a routine on the road, allows your team to stay mentally fit and go about their day at 100%.

Manage the details. Communicate with your team. Create consistency. Make that happen and you have set yourself up for a successful day on the road, followed by an amazing show put on by your team on stage and behind the scenes!

Leave Your Company Events Singing the Same Song
Keep Your Audience Engaged Throughout Meetings

Because Streamline Event Agency has the privilege of working with both business owners and artists to plan their events, we’ve found they can both benefit from one another.  One question we hear regularly on the corporate event side, “How do we keep our audience engaged in our message throughout our meetings?” One statement we hear a lot from artist managers, “We need new audiences for my artist to be in front of.”

Event Content Must Be Sticky

Enter Streamline Event Agency. The light bulb truly went off when overheard one CEO leaving his three-day corporate event where they spent a significant amount of money educating their employees on new strategies for corporate goals. “I’m not sure anyone here retained what we said,” said this frustrated CEO, “What I really need is everyone to leave singing the same song.” Wow, that makes total sense to us! The corporate meeting is in dire need of reinvention and retention. A new, younger, more nuanced work force is coming in at the same time the veterans are leading. We believe in content must be designed that is sticky for both audiences.  

Creative Content is Right Under Our Nose

When we discuss merging entertainment and corporate events, historically that has meant booking a band for the closing night party. That is almost the opposite of what we mean. Actually that can be a massive waste of money unless the entertainment is connected to the content. Our database is filled with creative people in songwriting, filmmaking, storytelling, illustrators, video producers, recording artists, and credentialed Universities who teach on the rise of creativity in the work force.

If you’re a business looking to spice up your next corporate event, we’re happy to help. We believe we are on the front end of a massive movement in reinventing the meeting template from something you must attend, to something you can’t wait to attend.  And as we say in Nashville…the content is the key. Let Streamline Event Agency work up a pitch for your group to create content they will retain all year long.

Want to create content for your corporate event that sticks all year?

Keep Your Crowd Engaged
Does this sound familiar to you?

Employee A: We went to our company sales meeting this past week.

Employee B: Did you learn great stuff?

Employee A: It was fine, but the location was great! We played golf, had some incredible food and drank way too much! We sure do love those meetings. (Laughter ensues.)

Does your audience know why they are at your company sales meeting? Did you intend it to be all about the golf and the great food? I highly doubt it. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about destination locations and all the amenities that they provide. However, if this is all they remember, you are wasting your money and time. Despite what you might think, your audience is capable of being engaged. It’s possible that you just aren’t engaging them in the right ways. Here are five ways to spruce up a company event.

Don’t Be Predictable

Keep the format fresh and keep them on their toes. Do not make a decision that ever ends with the statement, “we have always done it that way.” Look for ways to change the events around. Do something crazy.

Spend Real Time Developing Content

Content is king. It shouldn’t be an afterthought. Plan your presentations and breakout sessions with valuable and applicable content. What makes this worth their time? What are giving them that they didn’t already have? Stats and charts are not it. Dig deeper. There is something more.

Know Your Team: Ask Questions

Learn your team’s preferences and who they are. Maybe they like offsite events or maybe they want to get the business done in one day. Who knows until you just ask.

Use Emotion to Your Benefit

People love experiences and they love to connect. Use emotion to connect your audience and your brand. Whether it is a fundraiser or sales meeting, don’t shy away from true emotion. Emotions are memorable. Dry and stale is not.

Tell Your Story

This is the most important one! Every event has a story and a message. Every decision should be about telling that story. What is your story? It may change from year to year but your audience wants and needs to know.

Our team of experts excels at storytelling and creating high-level events that deliver your message in a memorable way. We want them to love the event destination, but more than that, we want them to think about what they have learned and experienced. If you want our team to provide ideas and creative content for your next company event, check out our website or contact us for more information.

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Collaboration and Checkpoints Make Great Events
Streamline Event Agency

We have the privilege of partnering with successful businesses to plan and execute large-scale events. When I look at the consistent success of these events, I can break our strategy into two key elements – Great Partners + Status Checks.

Find Partners with the Same Level of Excellence

Key production partners do two major things for our business, they hold themselves to a higher standard and they drive consistency in our delivery. Our standards of execution and planning go well beyond what most would consider “acceptable.” We hold our production partners to the same expectations. We know they will deliver a consistent experience and do the job well, making intelligent ‘event smart’ decisions to improve the quality of an event for our clients. That level of dependability is what drives our consistency.

Checks and Balances Lead to Consistency

Our consistency is also achieved by an intentional effort to apply a series of checks and balances to our internal and external communications, day to day scheduling, and seamless communication to our clients. We employ a systematic checkpoint at every stop that ensures we are putting out the most accurate, correctly formatted, branded, and proofed information. Our attention to detail is what gives us the ability to spot and correct issues in scheduling, event planning, catering, and production. When we are consistently focused and attentive to the details of every logistic, we improve our accuracy and increase the overall standard of execution.

We understand the pressure your team has when planning a presentation, event, or sales meeting. We have both internal staff and trusted partners who operate all under one stringent set of details which you will benefit from. When events require a high level of attention to detail, knowing our business, delivering consistent results, and intentionally checking our output is what sets our events apart.

Need Help Planning Your Next Company Event?
Three Tips on Planning a Successful Event
Expect the Unexpected

I find the number one thing to planning a successful event is caring about not just a smooth general session or flawless dinner gala, it’s also about genuinely caring about the event outcome for the client. It gives me extra motivation to plan an event that goes above and beyond the client’s expectations.

Did the conference motivate the audience to go out and be better business leaders? Did the event raise enough money to make a difference in their local community? No matter what the topic, if you care about more then simple logistics it typically works out better for everyone.

Care About More than Just Logistics

Are you an A type personality? Yah, well me too. I think its safe to say a majority of people who work in the event industry are in the same boat or Myers-Brigg category.  There are always about a zillion balls in the air to keep straight with each event. Inevitably this proves to be challenging.

Expecting the unexpected is key and will make or break you. If you stay calm, so will your co-workers, volunteers and clients. Plan all that you can, but then be flexible with the things that will sneak up on you beyond your best pre-planning efforts.

Try and Have Some Fun

Sometimes this last one is easier to do then others. We’ve all had those events that were more like waking nightmares than a jolly good time. Still, finding a way to have some fun while working is important. And yes, you can have fun while staying professional. In Chicago? Find time to take the crew to get some deep dish pizza. In LA? In & Out is always a clear winner. Haven’t seen the sun or breathed in fresh air for four days….yah, well that one is tricky. Hopefully you like your co-workers enough to tell fun stories, see photos of their kids or pets, hear about worse event experiences, and squeeze in some fun along the way.

These are just a few tidbits I’ve learned working on events over the years. To see more about what Streamline Event Agency has been up to this last year, click around our new website.


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