Summer Rest Guide

Summer Is Here

This time of year around the water cooler at Streamline Event Agency, you’re likely to hear talk of great golf games, new recipes attempted on a Big Green Egg, daring fireworks displays at block parties, teaching our kids how to swim or ride a bike without training wheels, fishing through the living room floor of a house boat, or even searching all over town for the perfect pot for your favorite houseplant that continues to grow. That’s because in addition to knowing how to work, we also know how to play, and we love to share our adventures with each other. While we all enjoy different hobbies and activities, the common thread is that we all pursue rest – not necessarily physically, but simply taking a break from the everyday grind.

Rest Is Crucial to Success and Productivity

I remember the first time I worked with a personal trainer. I didn’t enjoy working out, so I needed someone to simplify the process and hold me accountable. I assumed he would insist that I be in the gym every single day, so imagine my surprise when the workout plan he devised for me included days off in between tough stints! I thought he was just taking pity on his scrawny new trainee, but soon discovered that it was strategic.

He explained that the resistance training we were doing together actually breaks down the muscles, and that the “rest” period that follows allows the connective tissue time to rebuild before the next workout. Hitting the gym again too soon (although it might seem like the diligent, “go-getter” thing to do) wouldn’t be as productive and could actually cause more harm than good if your muscles haven’t had the proper time to recover. The days off will propel you into an even better, stronger, more productive workout next time. Once I discovered that balance I learned to love the hard work and the challenge of setting the next goal.

Making a Rest Strategy

And so it is in the corporate culture of today, where we are beholden to our phones, e-mail inboxes, and text messages around the clock. Whether it is technology companies, the foodservice industry, medical and pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and distributors, or non-profit agencies, we continually hear from our clients that “rest” is crucial to the success and productivity of their teams. That’s why so many of the signature events Streamline produces for our corporate clients have not only educational and motivational components, but also an opportunity to relax and be entertained, pampered, and nurtured. Much like the muscles of the body use those days off to launch them into an even better workout, we love creating opportunities for our clients to recharge.

What are you doing to rest? Have you found the balance of work and play? Whatever “muscles” you’ve been overworking, we hope you’ll give them a few days off to rebuild. Your friends at Streamline can’t wait to see what big things you tackle next, and you need to be fresh and well rested to do it! So, happy summer from Streamline Event Agency, where we work hard, play hard, rest well, and are ready to crush the busiest season of events in our company’s history – Fall 2018!

Independence Day: Let Freedom Ring For Generations

The Freedoms We Enjoy

We are over 200 years removed from the moment when the United States set forth its Independence on July 4, 1776.

To be exact, it has been 242 years! While I am grateful that my kids only recognize July 4th for the fireworks and hotdogs, I want them to know we are celebrating the freedoms we have in religion, thought, business, speech, and thousands of other areas that so many of us take for granted.

Independence is defined as freedom from the control and influence of others.

We want our kids to grow up and be independent.  We want them to thrive and make good decisions that are educated and well thought out.  We want them to be free from control and influence,defined as making their own choices based on solid foundations and changing the world for future generations.

Independence For Future Generations

Unfortunately, the very things we have created as part of our independence and free enterprise are defining the next generation’s thought process in a not so postivie way.  The fact that television, news, and social media all tell us what to think about each other eliminates a key component within the definition of independence of being free from control and influence.  It makes one wonder if this will eventually lead us full circle back to the very thing our founding Fathers ran from.

We are one business in America and we don’t stress our independence on a daily basis, but we do highlight and push for individual thought derived from experience and education.  We approach each of our clients with independent ideas and we believe this gives them great results.  Our business thrives because we have great people that know how to think and act out of mutual respect for each other and our clients.  America was founded on the very idea of freedom in thinking, new ideas, and tolerance of beliefs.

Pause and Reflect

So yes, today we will have fireworks and hot dogs.  I love both of these and they are all American.  However, take a moment to pause and reflect on the very thing we enjoy today – will it be around for generations after us? It will if we maintain our Independence in thought and freedom in our ideas.  We are not defined by what people say we are but rather who we are.


Happy July 4th– Let Freedom Ring for Generations.

Staff Spotlight: Welcome Lauren Jones

We Don’t Get Anywhere Alone

For anyone that has owned a business or managed the hiring process, you know how challenging and yet rewarding it can be.  Through all of our technology, designs, and efficiencies, we are still the human race. True meaningful work and relationships occur with great people. Adding someone new to your team is more than simply can they do the job, but do they understand our culture?  Better yet can they enhance the culture with their own strengths?

At Streamline, we recently added a new team member. She was patient through many interviews, many questions, some of them the same just rephrased in various ways. I asked her for a favorite quote and she stated the following:

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

-Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

She followed this quote by saying, “I truly believe that no one will ever get anywhere entirely on their own.”

Get To Know Our Newest Team Member

That mindset of relying on one another embodies our company.  Our desire to continually seek new relationships and new knowledge. The understanding that we are not individuals, but rather a collective of humanity seeking to sharpen each other through daily interactions both personally and professionally.

So without further due – please welcome our newest Project Manager to the team – Lauren Jones!

Pause for loud applause to die down…

We asked Lauren a few other questions and wanted to share those responses here. If you haven’t heard from her yet, you will and you will love working with her!

Lauren Jones: Q&A

Where are you from? I’m from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

What brought you to Nashville?My husband is a musician. Pennsylvania doesn’t offer as many opportunities in the music industry. Our end game was always to end up in Nashville, Tennessee.

What drew you to Streamline Event Agency? I was drawn to Streamline Event Agency because of their dedication to their clients, their sense of community, and their passion for and commitment to unique and exceptional work.

Tell us about your role and why clients will love you. As Project Manager at Streamline Event Agency, I’m all about the details. I work with our clients to establish open communication, to clarify expectations, and to manage logistics to ensure every project is well organized for flawless execution.

What is one thing that would surprise us about you? Something that might surprise you about me is that I’m afraid of fish. It took me a long time to get comfortable swimming in lakes. I still have issues swimming in the ocean.

Who is the most important person in your life? I hate to be that person, but I really can’t choose just one. My parents as a unit are the most important to me. My parents taught me to be genuine, offer kindness, show respect, share love, and aspire to greatness by living their lives as an example.

As you begin with a new team, what are you most excited about? I’m excited to be challenged in new ways and to learn from the experience and expertise of my coworkers. I look forward to using my skills and passions to contribute to the collaborative efforts of the team.

On a rainy afternoon you are inclined to do what? On a rainy afternoon, you can find me reading a book, writing a post for my lifestyle blog, or binge-watching Netflix. It really depends on my mood.

On a sunny afternoon you are inclined to do what? My husband and I love to spend time a Percy Priest lake, soaking in the sun. We also enjoy checking out local wineries and breweries. We try to take advantage of any opportunity to enjoy time out together.

Our people define us and our brand.  We have the best.  Get to know our team.

Pursuit of Perfection: Thoughts from the Indy 500

102nd Indy 500

The 102nd running of the Indy 500 was on May 27th, 2018. Our team was again privileged to play a part for Bryant and their sponsorship of Tony Kanaan. Each year we have an extended chance to sit down and talk with Tony about the year thus far, thoughts on the Indy 500 and the preparation that goes with such a precision sport. It is preparation in the pursuit of perfection.

In the case of the Indy 500 you can run the fastest lap and still come in last. Speed won’t be the reason you win – it will be a critical role but it is how you adapt. How quickly can you adjust to outside factors such as other drivers and track temperature? You can have the best pit crew in the world but your car runs fractions of a second slower and you will come in last. It is a collaborative effort of people and minds, which combine both good and great decisions to get perfect results.

Indy 500 Racecar

4,980,736 pixels • Over 200 gigs of 4K content • 200 laps • 500 miles • 33 cars on the track • 5 SEA vehicles • 2500 miles combined • 300 cups of coffee

The Difference Between Speed and Perfection

There is an important distinction between speed and perfection. In the case of the Indy 500, they go hand in hand for success. In the case of Streamline, our speed is measured on efficiency. If we can be more efficient in what we do and respond faster and faster, fantastic! Perfection in our work is what we seek.

We have never gotten there to be honest. To say that we have, would be presumptuous and ignorant as there is always room to improve. Even if we won, what can we do better? How can we become faster, more efficient, and closer to perfection?

The Desired Outcome

Pursuit of perfection is learning how to combine good, great, and perfect decisions to the outcome we all desire. At Streamline we spend a lot of time and resources evaluating our preparation and how it impacts our clients.
We will be better than anyone at this and you will see the results.

One final note, whether you are a race fan or not you should follow Tony Kanaan. He is one of the nicest, most engaging guys we have worked with, and he is pretty great at driving a race car 220 plus miles per hour. Always nice to cheer for a winner!


The Freedoms We Enjoy

The Core Of Our Freedoms

This week, we as a nation will celebrate Memorial Day.  For the last 6 years, Streamline has worked with one of our clients around the Indy 500 and it has become a Memorial Day tradition.  Today through the pageantry and fanfare,  I was struck by a few things that go to the core of the freedoms we enjoy.

  1. Today – there was no question about how to respond to a stadium full of veterans.
  2. Today – there was no question about whether we should stand to honor the National Anthem.
  3. Today – there was no question that there have been so many that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

On Monday, as millions of us fire up BBQ grills and enjoy time by the pool, let us not forget that there are families whose day begins by remembering their loved ones that died in service protecting our freedoms.  It is these sacrifices that should dictate that we put our country above the fray.  It is these sacrifices that should dictate that we put our country and those that have sacrificed above our arguments and disagreements.  We don’t need to yell to be heard.  We can have different opinions.  We can respect each other for our differences.

Respect and Sacrifice

Our freedoms are so important to acknowledge and remember.  It is this very freedom that allows us to think differently.  It allows us to create.  It allows us to engage each other on various levels.  Ultimately this should not be about individual issues, but rather one word.  Respect. Respect those who have given more than you could ever imagine keeping our freedoms alive and well.  That alone should be enough to put aside our differences and honor our nation.


Happy Memorial Day and Thank you to all of those that have served and sacrificed. I have no words that adequately say thank you.

Your Human Network: Communicating Your Culture

Your Human Network: Communicate Your Culture Across the Internet

In the last decade, the word global has become more of a reality in business than ever before. The internet and the consumer demand have required that companies expand to national and global positions. As business expanded and opened offices in various parts of the country of the globe, one challenge continues to make itself known. Communication and culture.

If you have a work force that is national or global, how do you stay in sync with them? How do you stay in front of them in real time with critical information and services that drive results?

We are in the meetings and events business, but more importantly we believe Seth Godin:

Don’t find or make customers for your products, find or make products for your customers

Seth Godin

What have we made for our customers? We have become experts in live-stream events. The word event is important. This is not a webinar. Webinars are often isolation activities. You have limited control over when your team will watch a webinar and if they will actually be engaged. Seems like a risky proposition to put real content into something that you can’t truly measure the results.

A live stream event, requires teams to come together across the globe for human networking centered around technology, delivering results we can measure in real time. Your connection between your culture and brand is of equal importance as the content you want to deliver.

Any location in the world

So, while we are in the meetings and events business, and that is synonymous with face to face at central locations in the US or around the globe; we recognize that our clients have a need to communicate throughout the year to their employees, distribution network, and customers and we built a solution. Technology has created a short attention span culture.

In person CAN NOT be replaced but touch points throughout the year have become more critical.

We can deliver these on-site at any location from an aircraft hangar, top of the empire state building, or the corporate office. You need to talk to your employees and teams, throughout the year, while minimizing the investment and yet maximizing the return. Streamline Event Agency is ready to help connect your human network with great technology.

Staying On The Edge: Talent and Technology

In continuing with our pull back the curtain theme, I was thinking this morning about new technology and the impact it has in our daily lives as well as the potential impact it can and will have on the live event space.   I am a bit of a techy nerd so this line of thought is often in my brain.   As a company we are on the cusp of investing in some areas that will drive our technology offerings for our clients to the leading edge and with that I am very excited.

Moment Of Clarity

However, life often dictates your ah hah moments and I was reminded of something else this morning.  We are in the middle of interviewing for a new staff member and we have met some great people.  Although the interview process can be taxing on time and resources, it is fascinating to learn what makes people tick, what drives them, and in some ways is flattering when you realize they really like what we are doing and want to be a part of the next steps.  It’s a shame we are only looking for one position right now!

Okay so here was my moment of clarity.  For you to be successful in industry or business, it isn’t about the leading edge of technology or innovation.  It isn’t about the people you hire.  It is about both.  We could have the leading-edge technology but not have leading edge talent on our staff. If so our investments would be mis-placed.

The power of the human spirit is still stronger than technology.

Justin Zebell


In pulling back the curtain to what makes events successful, I keep going back to a central theme of people.   We are hiring leading edge talent to use tools to produce great events.  The power of the human spirit is still stronger than technology. While I am extremely excited about some new things on the horizon, I am more excited about sharing our human talent.  Out of our human talent comes creativity, design, new ideas, practical execution, gratitude, empathy, and ultimately relationship.

If we connect with our clients and our audience on a human level then the tools and technology we use will be 10x more impactful.  So pulling back the curtain…It is about staying on the edge with talent and technology.

Pulling Back the Curtain: The Guide

High fives and congratulations all around. 

Another great live event completed.  Attendees are happy.  The client is happy. We are happy.  But…How did we get here?

When you get to “pull back the curtain” and see what happens behind the scenes most people immediately picture a fast paced world of organized chaos and people moving from place to place at a dizzying pace.  In the center of all of this action, developed from the very beginning stands a steadying force.  To quote Donald Millers, Building a Story Brand book, it is the Guide. 

Those in front of the curtain, whether it be companies or artists are the rock stars. We are the guide.

Donald Miller – Building A Story Brand

It starts in the whiteboard discussions of the who, what, when, where and why’s.  If we understand the goals and challenge conventional thought, then we build a roadmap together that takes our clients from behind the scenes to in front of the curtain with ease.  You see our job as a guide, mirrors our company world view which lays out in this order:

  1. Client Needs
  2. Project Needs
  3. Our Needs

As a guide, we are responsible for the needs of our clients first and foremost.  We have been down this path before.  We know the pitfalls and the challenges.  We have the bumps and bruises to show. We exist to make this journey painless for those we support. 

Pulling back the curtain starts at the beginning. 

The guide has to be in place before we start down the journey of design and production, creative content, and storytelling strategies for companies and artists.

Justin Zebell, President + CEO, Streamline Event Agency

A Clean Slate

New Years Re-solutions

I am an avid fan of sensational storytelling and if you don’t already, I strongly urge you to set your DVRs weekly to record CBS Sunday Morning.  They produce stories in a way which keep you interested on any topic…you may not know you care about – or have something to learn about bird migration patterns as affected by the gulf stream around the Galapagos Islands, but lo and behold, 15 minutes later, I’m fascinated!  So as we enter new year with all the talk about goal setting and resolutions (re-solutions as you’ll discover in the story), leave it to CBS Sunday morning to hit me right between the eyes.

Making A Masterpiece

For me, and Streamline as well, there was much to celebrate in 2017 as we worked with incredible artists and managers, were blessed to move into fantastic new office space, we expanded our roster on both the touring, and corporate side and developed deeper professional and personal connections with each other and our community.  But if we’re honest, there were lines drawn which we’d like to erase and retrace.

There were small cracks in our plans that needed repair. SO…enter Faith Salie and the brilliant storytellers at CBS Sunday Morning to hit me in the heart with two words I’ve never before heard or knew the meaning of:  PENTIMENTO (Italian) and KINTSUGI (Japanese).

Looking Closer

Pentimento is a process brilliant artist Matisse sometimes used when he drew. Upon closer look at certain sketches, he kept the bad lines visible to show how he got to the end result.  Kintsugi is a Japanese process of repairing broken ceramics with gold – to not only show the cracks, but to accentuate them with beauty.  WOW, what a concept I needed to hear.  The ‘bad lines’ and ‘broken vases’ are all part of making a masterpiece and honestly looking at how hard work (life, relationships, marriage, business) can be…but we’re building a masterpiece.

So, as we enter 2018, our wish is for all us to embrace the brokenness and turn it into art as we are being shaped into something beautiful!

Here’s the entire CBS Profile, it may be the best 2:13 you’ll spend today!
Happy New Year from our team to yours.

‘Tis The Season

The Holiday Season

It is the season of Christmas and I truly do love this time of year. From carolers (we had some at our house) to Christmas lights of all colors, it truly is a special time of year.

At Streamline, it is one of our busiest times of the year and this year was no exception. We will wrap the last of our five Christmas tours this Saturday night the 23rd. We have been celebrating Christmas since the end of October and it will be nice to take a breath two days prior and reflect on the year and most importantly the reason for the season.

Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth, as well as time with family and loved ones. It is a time to turn our devices off for a few days, watch movies, sleep in, stay up late in engaging conversations around the fire with no fear of the alarm the next morning. It is still the one time of the year that the majority of people shut down. It is permission to breath. Each year, I feel that this time of year get crazier and crazier and if we aren’t careful we miss out on the magic and wonder of the season.

From the Streamline team to you – Merry Christmas. Enjoy the wonder, the grace, and the miracle that is the Christmas season. Breath now for in another week you will feel the pressure to make those infamous New Years resolutions:)

Merry Christmas to all.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Holiday Traditions?

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