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Giving Back: February

Why Give?

We recognize that our world is better off when we practice the art of giving.

As a company, we believe that we should be profitable but with those profits should be good stewards to our local community. That being said, we are going to feature a charity spotlight that our employees pick on a monthly basis in 2020. 

Without further ado – meet our February 2020 Charity Spotlight – Monroe Harding – chosen by our Assistant Project Manager, Anne-Marie Detherage.

Tell us about the organization you chose.

I chose Monroe Harding. They are a trauma-informed healing community (non-profit) that helps children in the TN Foster career system. Their programs provide treatment, resources and guidance that youth need to do the healing work now and see the possibilities and opportunities for a better future. Their mission is to provide homes, healing and opportunities through programs serving  young people who are currently in, or transition from, the foster care system: Foster Care, Residential Programs, Education & workforce development, and therapy and healing. 

How has this organization impacted you personally?

This charity is close to my heart because my nephews were foster children..We are lucky enough to have been able to  adopt them through fostering, but some children aren’t that fortunate. Monroe Harding is a system I support, because these are services that my nephews would have needed if we weren’t able to become their family.

Finish the sentence: I give back because…

… because we have a responsibility to help those who can’t help themselves. 

If you could give a word of encouragement to this charity, what would it be?

The work to change these kids futures as adults starts here. The trauma these children face requires a long, loving journey to get through it and grow. They need you and the army of people it takes to support them. Keep doing the good, but hard work for those who can’t help themselves. 

To find out more about this organization, visit:

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