Why Give?

We recognize that our world is better off when we practice the art of giving.

As a company, we believe that we should be profitable but with those profits should be good stewards to our local community. That being said, we are going to feature a charity spotlight that our employees pick on a monthly basis.

Without further ado – meet our February Charity Spotlight – Gail’s Girls.

Q & A with Lauren Jones – Streamline Event Agency Project Manager

Lauren Jones, Project Manager for Corporate Events, selected this month’s charitable organization as it is one to which she is personally connected and invested.

1. Tell us about the organization you chose.

Gail’s Girls, through Stadia Church Planting and Enhance, was started in 2017 to create a legacy for Christ. Gail Hamilton was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in December of 2016. Gail was part of a great legacy of strong women. She had 4 daughters who are all leaders in their churches and workplaces. She and her husband, Don, shared a ministry in Harrisburg, PA, for more than 34 years.

After her diagnosis, Gail was called to live out her final days creating a legacy for Christ. Stadia partners with Enhance, an organization that seeks to fulfill the Great Commission in southern Asia, where the largest concentration of unreached people groups live. Over 500 million people in southern Asia have never even heard the name of Jesus, and around 26 million children are unwanted, calling the streets their home.

Starting in 2017, Stadia began partnering with 25 young women to receive training and support in a transformation center in southern Asia through Enhance. Women are one of the most disadvantaged groups in all levels of society in southern Asia. Gail’s Girls’ seeks to empower these women to lay the foundations for change. Women who attend these Training Centers receive an education, discipleship training and mentoring. Through Enhance’s ministry to women, key women are trained to address the social and spiritual needs of local women. These graduates, who are first generation Christians, work in an average of three communities each in their first five years of ministry. A total of $170,000 is needed to support all 25 young women for 3 years, which equates to $6,500 per woman.

Gail Hamilton passed away on October 18, 2018. To continue the legacy she started for Christ, her husband and four daughters continue to support a new class of 25 women in southern Asia each year, changing lives and transforming communities.

2. Why is this organization important to you or how has it impacted you personally?

I am an original Gail’s Girl. Gail was my mother. I wholeheartedly believe in the legacy she set in motion. Her love for these women and their communities, along with her passion to see change in their lives through Christ, will live on.

3. Finish the sentence: I give back because….

I have been blessed with much.

4. If you could give a word of encouragement to this organization, what would it be?

You are making a different in the world, one life at a time. Every life saved is worth every effort. Thank You.

For more information on how you can give to this organization, please visit: