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Soundtracks To Your Experience

Music is the universal language of human expression and communication. Our worlds are packed with sound– most of which we aren’t readily consciously aware of. Sounds provide information and tell stories. They cue us to important information about our environment, impact our emotions, influence our behaviors, and aid in recollection and creation of memory.

At Streamline, we work to enhance your meetings and events by researching and developing ways to measure ROI, backed by science and research as well as decades of industry experience. One of the ways in which we are paving the way is through the not-so-secret power of creating soundtracks to your experience that can engage your audience and make meetings something to remember forever. 

“If we create an experience, we need to make it meaningful.” 

This is the mantra of the CEO and founder of Streamline Event Agency, Justin Zebell.

Forgetting or ignoring the element of sound is a common mistake made by many. Sounds make up so much of our lives and the information we take in. Using no sound, or the wrong sound can make or break an experience. Piercing feedback on microphones, sound levels too low or too high, ambient noise from other rooms or the outside world all act to distract from the message and meeting at hand. 

In a recent global activation called “The Evolution of Sound”, Streamline Event Agency was tasked with creating an event with sound as the leading force. Hein Zaaymnn, Head of Design for Streamline Creative Studio, led this effort to discover how to create a truly unique experience that put sound above all else. “We want to do things we’ve never done before,” said Hein. He and his team were tasked with pushing the boundaries of what type of experience was possible for an event that was both live and streamed all over the world. 

“We want to put new ideas in front of clients – ideas that are scientifically proven, like using audible cues or soundtracks to reinforce content”, said Zebell when talking about exploring new ideas to continue to evolve industry standards. “We want to build the future of sound and let a person’s soul and body breathe with information they take in from the soundtrack to your meeting.” 

Don’t forget the music. Don’t forget the sounds. Create meaningful and memorable experiences that highlight the message you want to leave people with.

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