What We Do

Company Events

Our Passion

Theme Development
Entertainment Procurement
Venue & Hotel Selection
Content Creation & Management
Event Management & Staffing
Room & Space Design
General Production


We have years of experience planning company events in a memorable way.


We produce moments which connect, inspire, motivate.

Type of events


From Global Conferences to Sales Meetings

“As a valued partner, Streamline Event Agency has consistently delivered successful events in multiple meeting environments; from global engineering conferences to distributor meetings to national sales meetings to national customer recognition events. Streamline Event Agency takes the worry out of corporation meetings.”

Philip Kelly, Manager, Carrier UTC



We develop themes and tie branding and promotional materials to your overall set and content design for a fluid branded event.


Our relationships benefit you by finding the perfect entertainment or keynote speaker that will communicate your message and engage your audience.

Venue &
Hotel selection

We are constantly monitoring regions and venues to help find the perfect fit for an event. 

Content Creation & Management

We create custom content from with fresh eyes that will allow you to communicate what really matters in the appropriate manner.

Event Management
& Staffing

Our responsive, available team will manage your events and the staff that your event needs, from the very first communications to the final negotiations.

Registration Management

We manage the look, feel, and experience of registration including custom nametags, digital registration, RFID tracking, and custom table seating.

Room &
Space Design

Whether a typical meeting or an innovative experience, we custom design spaces for the most efficient and beautiful experience for your attendees.


We provide full production equipment and staffing for every event space.

How We Operate


We believe in listening first, then doing our homework. We want to understand your culture, goals, and communication style. We team up with your vision to create an experience that gives your message a strong voice – to fill a room with excitement about your story.


We chose the word “agency” intentionally. We apply creative services beyond a typical production group. We believe in creativity that is focused, singular, and tied to your message. We produce moments which connect, inspire, motivate, and impact.


We stack your team with detail-oriented people who fight for every dollar and hour. We believe in minute-by-minute programming. We love solving problems before our clients know they exist so that you can get back to enjoying your own events.


Streamline Event Agency