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Interactive digital experiences

While in-person events are irreplaceable, we can still harness the power of gathering digitally to create engaging, interactive experiences in a digital event setting. Find our full suite of services below.

Your (digital) creative partners
Need a full custom solution? Need a detailed package solution? Our platform has the ability to adapt to all of your needs. Let our team of virtual experience professionals produce your next event to put you right at ease. Using our tenure of experience we can both capture your event content and offer a broad range of custom creative services that will keep your audience engaged from the comfort of their home or office.

Our virtual event services

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  • Executive Producer

  • Project Management

  • Content Timelines

  • Communication Timelines

  • Site Management & Selection

  • Dedicated Project Manager


  • Animations and Graphics

  • 3D Virtual Set Design

  • Physical Set Design

  • Interactive Opportunities

  • Script / Content Writing

  • Executive Coaching for Broadcasts


  • Audio Setup

  • Multicamera Videography

  • Lighting Production

  • Content Delivery

  • Engagement Statistics

  • Redundancy Fiber + Satellite

We provide an easy to use platform that you can trust to deliver an effective and powerful message.

The JoinIn platform was created with one mission in mind: to provide an easy to use platform that is proven to meet audiences where they are. This platform is ready to go out of the box or fully customizable with capabilities to adapt and meet all of. your creative needs. 

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How we amplify your voice

Platform Features

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Simplicity + Ease 

The JoinIn platform allows you to integrate your brand and your voice on a clean easy-to-navigate interface. 


In-house technology

This is our proprietary platform. Because of our integration practices, we have no dependency on third-party technologies.


Human Support

Humans. Real people assisting you from the beginning of planning to the final delivery of your analytics report. 

Creative partners with custom event solutions whether you are in-person, virtual, or anything in between.

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