Why Give?

We recognize that our world is better off when we practice the art of giving. As a company, we believe that we should be profitable but with those profits should be good stewards to our local community. 

One member of our team gets to pick a charity that we as a company can support for the month. This month’s charity, The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation, was chosen by Chad Lambert – Production Manager.

Q&A with Chad Lambert – Production Manager

1. Tell us about the organization you chose.

I chose the TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation) who sponsor many youth and special needs programs throughout the year, as well as take care of our beautiful state and its many woods and waters. 

2. Why is this organization important to you or how has it impacted you personally?

My outlet is and always has been getting out into nature and on a lake somewhere. It’s important for me to take care of the organization that is making sure we have clean sustainable public woods and waters for myself and our communities to enjoy. I also love the fact that they are constantly giving back to our youth with education and programs to foster in the next round of responsible outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen.

3. Finish the sentence: I give back because…

I give back, because it gives to me.

4. If you could give a word of encouragement to this organization, what would it be?

Keep up the great work, and thank you for keeping Tennessee clean, sustainable, and beautiful!