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Giving Back: September

Why Give?

We recognize that our world is better off when we practice the art of giving. As a company, we believe we should be profitable but with those profits should be good stewards to our local community.

One member of our team gets to pick a charity that we as a company can support for the month. This month’s charity, My Friend’s House, was chosen by Kristen Fuselier, Production Assistant.

Q&A with Kristen Fuselier – Production Assistant

1. Tell us about the organization you chose.

My Friend’s House is a non-profit community based organization that strives to meet the needs of at-risk youth in our city. Their focus and mission is to help them change negative behaviors, make good decisions, and provide opportunities for them to grow into young adults by providing them with a safe place to stay.

2. Why is this organization important to you or how has it impacted you personally?

It is an organization that is serving our local community to youth that would not have their needs met without them and I think that it is important to pour into the generation behind us.

3. Finish the sentence: I give back because… 

Giving is better than receiving. When you give you are sowing into something far greater than yourself to help other people.

4. If you could give a word of encouragement to this organization, what would it be?

Thank you for taking in the kids who need to be seen and heard. What you are doing will have ripple affects on generations to come.

Kristen Fuselier

Kristen is a Louisiana native with a passion for music, family, and faith. As a traveling musician herself, Kristen utilizes her personal experiences in approaching her work with an entrepreneurial drive and empathetic artist perspective.

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