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Summer Rest Guide

Summer Is Here

This time of year around the water cooler at Streamline Event Agency, you’re likely to hear talk of great golf games, new recipes attempted on a Big Green Egg, daring fireworks displays at block parties, teaching our kids how to swim or ride a bike without training wheels, fishing through the living room floor of a house boat, or even searching all over town for the perfect pot for your favorite houseplant that continues to grow. That’s because in addition to knowing how to work, we also know how to play, and we love to share our adventures with each other. While we all enjoy different hobbies and activities, the common thread is that we all pursue rest – not necessarily physically, but simply taking a break from the everyday grind.

Rest Is Crucial to Success and Productivity

I remember the first time I worked with a personal trainer. I didn’t enjoy working out, so I needed someone to simplify the process and hold me accountable. I assumed he would insist that I be in the gym every single day, so imagine my surprise when the workout plan he devised for me included days off in between tough stints! I thought he was just taking pity on his scrawny new trainee, but soon discovered that it was strategic.

He explained that the resistance training we were doing together actually breaks down the muscles, and that the “rest” period that follows allows the connective tissue time to rebuild before the next workout. Hitting the gym again too soon (although it might seem like the diligent, “go-getter” thing to do) wouldn’t be as productive and could actually cause more harm than good if your muscles haven’t had the proper time to recover. The days off will propel you into an even better, stronger, more productive workout next time. Once I discovered that balance I learned to love the hard work and the challenge of setting the next goal.

Making a Rest Strategy

And so it is in the corporate culture of today, where we are beholden to our phones, e-mail inboxes, and text messages around the clock. Whether it is technology companies, the foodservice industry, medical and pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and distributors, or non-profit agencies, we continually hear from our clients that “rest” is crucial to the success and productivity of their teams. That’s why so many of the signature events Streamline produces for our corporate clients have not only educational and motivational components, but also an opportunity to relax and be entertained, pampered, and nurtured. Much like the muscles of the body use those days off to launch them into an even better workout, we love creating opportunities for our clients to recharge.

What are you doing to rest? Have you found the balance of work and play? Whatever “muscles” you’ve been overworking, we hope you’ll give them a few days off to rebuild. Your friends at Streamline can’t wait to see what big things you tackle next, and you need to be fresh and well rested to do it! So, happy summer from Streamline Event Agency, where we work hard, play hard, rest well, and are ready to crush the busiest season of events in our company’s history – Fall 2018!

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Brooks Parker

As a lifelong performer, Brooks Parker has spent decades exploring the many facets of the entertainment and event industry. After graduating from Belmont University, he spent two years as a Music & Talent Coordinator for the Gospel Music Channel before finding a home at JKC Artist Group.

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