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Carrier Event Recap!

Want to know how we got here? Check out the photos below!

Since it is May, we thought we would provide a snapshot view of our team and their great work at an event in March. Why wait until May? The truth is that I went on vacation right after this event and then got involved with our next round of events and might have forgotten to pull this together. So without further ado…


Huntington Beach, CA – The view outside of the ballroom area. Not a bad backdrop to work!


This is most of our team the night before we started. Who doesn’t love dinner near the ocean, complete with festive lights!


We had barely gotten started and Brad, our graphics magician, was already hard at work laying things out.


This was the moment of truth – the arches being raised and fingers crossed that it would work as planned. Great team of people working long hours to make sure it happens!


The arches are up and the LED walls are being finished.


Just the way we like it. Every pixel lit and ready to roll!


900 chairs ready for their occupants. Doors open in about 20 minutes!


Most appropriate signage, knowing what was behind those closed doors.


Another event ready to go and we can’t do it without our fantastic team!



Thank you, Carrier – we love partnering with you and bringing your events to life. We look forward to the next one! – Justin Zebell, President.

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