Client Relationships with Trust

We believe in finding the right relationship. We collaborate to bring the best out in each other and showcase what collaboration can accomplish. Our clients trust us and that trust produces incredible results.

The Mercy Health Foundation selected Streamline Event Agency to be our partner in transforming our event strategy. They invested significant time to learn about our ministry and culture, and translated that investment into an incredible representation of our Mercy Health brand. The attention to detail, budget, and project timelines were so unyielding that many perceived their team as members of our Ministry. If you are looking for a vendor—keep looking—if you seek an invested partner committed to the success of you, your team, and organization—don’t look any further!”

Roger Henry LaGreca
President & CEO, Mercy Health Foundation


Streamline Event Agency is the most versatile and professional event company I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Creative and intuitive, detail-oriented and thorough – they are the perfect partner when developing major meetings and events. I have recommended them to several clients without hesitation and in no time, Streamline became their partner of choice and joined their team in a seamless manner. They are easy to work with and every member of their staff comes with years of experience and the best attitudes in the business. I highly recommend Streamline Event Agency.

Karla G. Smith
President, KGSmith Communications

Thorough, Professional, Personable

For the past 12 years, it has been our good fortune to work with Streamline Event Agency. As an artist manager, one of the most difficult things for me to do is trust my artist with new tour personnel, especially tour managers. I can be demanding and a perfectionist when it comes to not only how the artist, band, and crew are treated, but also with how promoters, sponsors, and fans are treated. Their team is thorough, professional, personable, and pays great attention to even the smallest of details. They create a respectful and enjoyable environment on the road while working very hard, and they are a step ahead in anticipating needs and always willing to take care of any request.

Jennifer Cooke, JKC Artist Management, Amy Grant


Success Stories

It started with a relationship and a request to develop a long-term vision. Our client needed to reclaim their stake as a significant stakeholder in the Cincinnati, Ohio, business community. After listening, asking SPECIFIC questions, doing our research, and gaining an understanding of their culture, it was clear that a high-end memorable experience would propel their foundation forward.

A seated dinner for 550, Grammy award winning entertainment provided by Amy Grant, and creative messaging from registration and table décor to stage designs resulted in the most successful event in the client’s history. This successful event GREW to more opportunities in the fall of 2015. We carried the momentum of year one to a high-end house party in Cincinnati, OH, which capped the capital campaign for a much-needed new facility. We listened and created three distinct messages and one unique story to be told that evening.

After raising $3 Million in the fall of 2015 we turned our sights to 2016 and 2017, we will produce their second annual event and gala. This event has grown to 800 seats, a VIP after party event, and world class musical entertainment with Martina McBride. Over the last two years we have walked a path of extraordinary growth; we can’t wait to see what 2018 holds. We grow when you grow. Gaining your trust is priority number one in a new relationship. Exceeding your expectations and goals is our expectation. Do you want to grow with us? Streamline Event Agency wants to write our next case study about you. We win when you win.

Success Stories

Keith and Kristyn Getty are known worldwide as modern-day hymn writers. Their live events play to hundreds of thousands of people annually from church services on Sunday morning, to their much-acclaimed Christmas tour; to playing venues like Carnegie Hall, John F Kennedy Center, the Fox Theatre, and more. In 2016, they were seeking a change in their approach to touring and put the word out they were looking for a new team to help. Streamline Event Agency was invited into the conversation.

In early 2017, Getty Music asked us once again to expand our scope. They requested that we speak into all aspects of the touring and their live show including the creative content of show development. The SEA team, with Keith Getty, sought to find the right creative producers and storytellers to reimagine and grow an already established Christmas show. Trust is gained by being experts in your field, and for an artist the caliber of Keith and Kristyn Getty to invite your team into their creative work is an expansion of services based on trust.

SEA used our proven internal processes to guide excellence on the road, to improve consistency, and artist comfort. Living on the road is not easy and good partnerships between artists and management teams are essential. Our relationship with Getty Music is now a well-oiled machine full of fluid conversation and teamwork on the road, freeing up the Getty’s to work on their creative calling. We are honored to be the exclusive touring partner for Getty Music in 2017 and beyond.

Getty Music


Streamline Event Agency