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What We Do For Artists

Creating an “Advance”

We make life easy by creating a consistent and controlled environment on the road that allows our tour entourage to perform at their max potential. While this obviously pertains to the artists on stage, it also applies to the crew behind the scenes. By meticulously managing the details (or the “advance” as we call it) prior to, during, and after each show, we set our crew up for a successful show day and therefore lay the ground work for our artists to do what they do best.

Remove Barriers before the Day Begins

Perfection is hard to come by on the road, as you deal with different local personnel and layouts at each venue in each respective city, but having a solid show advance and proper communication to your crew allows all barriers we encounter to be dealt with easily. Going into a show without a plan and with no communication to a team is a recipe for disaster. People don’t like surprises (unless they result in a celebration of your birth followed by presents). So we have the foresight and communication of upcoming circumstances to set the tone for how a difficult day can be tackled.


Create Consistency

With great detail we approach every show, no matter what the size, with the same amount of care and detail in an effort to create consistency along the way that isn’t affected by circumstance or location. Being able to create the same environment daily, allows the tour personnel to find a routine. Much like life at home, you fall into a routine on the road. While you may not be waking up in the same bed and prepping for the day in your own private bathroom at home, being able to find a routine on the road, allows your team to stay mentally fit and go about their day at 100%.

Manage the details. Communicate with your team. Create consistency. Make that happen and you have set yourself up for a successful day on the road, followed by an amazing show put on by your team on stage and behind the scenes!

Greg Lee

Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Greg made the move to Nashville to pursue a career in music. After 5 years of managing artists and tours he joined Streamline Event Agency. Greg brings an incredible sense of detail and flow to our team – his experience on the road with artist and touring personnel sets him apart from peers in his field as completely unflappable.

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