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The Freedoms We Enjoy

The Core Of Our Freedoms

This week, we as a nation will celebrate Memorial Day.  For the last 6 years, Streamline has worked with one of our clients around the Indy 500 and it has become a Memorial Day tradition.  Today through the pageantry and fanfare,  I was struck by a few things that go to the core of the freedoms we enjoy.

  1. Today – there was no question about how to respond to a stadium full of veterans.
  2. Today – there was no question about whether we should stand to honor the National Anthem.
  3. Today – there was no question that there have been so many that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

On Monday, as millions of us fire up BBQ grills and enjoy time by the pool, let us not forget that there are families whose day begins by remembering their loved ones that died in service protecting our freedoms.  It is these sacrifices that should dictate that we put our country above the fray.  It is these sacrifices that should dictate that we put our country and those that have sacrificed above our arguments and disagreements.  We don’t need to yell to be heard.  We can have different opinions.  We can respect each other for our differences.

Respect and Sacrifice

Our freedoms are so important to acknowledge and remember.  It is this very freedom that allows us to think differently.  It allows us to create.  It allows us to engage each other on various levels.  Ultimately this should not be about individual issues, but rather one word.  Respect. Respect those who have given more than you could ever imagine keeping our freedoms alive and well.  That alone should be enough to put aside our differences and honor our nation.


Happy Memorial Day and Thank you to all of those that have served and sacrificed. I have no words that adequately say thank you.

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Justin Zebell

Justin serves as the President and CEO for Streamline Event Agency. With over 20 years of experience in entertainment and events, his passion is creating and executing events for our clients while developing new client relationships. Justin and his wife Wendi have been married since 2001. They reside in Franklin, TN, with their 3 children and 2 dogs. On his downtime, he can be found creating culinary delights for his family or cheering on his favorite teams.

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