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Staff Spotlight: Welcome Lauren Jones

We Don’t Get Anywhere Alone

For anyone that has owned a business or managed the hiring process, you know how challenging and yet rewarding it can be.  Through all of our technology, designs, and efficiencies, we are still the human race. True meaningful work and relationships occur with great people. Adding someone new to your team is more than simply can they do the job, but do they understand our culture?  Better yet can they enhance the culture with their own strengths?

At Streamline, we recently added a new team member. She was patient through many interviews, many questions, some of them the same just rephrased in various ways. I asked her for a favorite quote and she stated the following:

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

-Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

She followed this quote by saying, “I truly believe that no one will ever get anywhere entirely on their own.”

Get To Know Our Newest Team Member

That mindset of relying on one another embodies our company.  Our desire to continually seek new relationships and new knowledge. The understanding that we are not individuals, but rather a collective of humanity seeking to sharpen each other through daily interactions both personally and professionally.

So without further due – please welcome our newest Project Manager to the team – Lauren Jones!

Pause for loud applause to die down…

We asked Lauren a few other questions and wanted to share those responses here. If you haven’t heard from her yet, you will and you will love working with her!

Lauren Jones: Q&A

Where are you from? I’m from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

What brought you to Nashville?My husband is a musician. Pennsylvania doesn’t offer as many opportunities in the music industry. Our end game was always to end up in Nashville, Tennessee.

What drew you to Streamline Event Agency? I was drawn to Streamline Event Agency because of their dedication to their clients, their sense of community, and their passion for and commitment to unique and exceptional work.

Tell us about your role and why clients will love you. As Project Manager at Streamline Event Agency, I’m all about the details. I work with our clients to establish open communication, to clarify expectations, and to manage logistics to ensure every project is well organized for flawless execution.

What is one thing that would surprise us about you? Something that might surprise you about me is that I’m afraid of fish. It took me a long time to get comfortable swimming in lakes. I still have issues swimming in the ocean.

Who is the most important person in your life? I hate to be that person, but I really can’t choose just one. My parents as a unit are the most important to me. My parents taught me to be genuine, offer kindness, show respect, share love, and aspire to greatness by living their lives as an example.

As you begin with a new team, what are you most excited about? I’m excited to be challenged in new ways and to learn from the experience and expertise of my coworkers. I look forward to using my skills and passions to contribute to the collaborative efforts of the team.

On a rainy afternoon you are inclined to do what? On a rainy afternoon, you can find me reading a book, writing a post for my lifestyle blog, or binge-watching Netflix. It really depends on my mood.

On a sunny afternoon you are inclined to do what? My husband and I love to spend time a Percy Priest lake, soaking in the sun. We also enjoy checking out local wineries and breweries. We try to take advantage of any opportunity to enjoy time out together.

Our people define us and our brand.  We have the best.  Get to know our team.

Justin Zebell

Justin serves as the President and CEO for Streamline Event Agency. With over 20 years of experience in entertainment and events, his passion is creating and executing events for our clients while developing new client relationships. Justin and his wife Wendi have been married since 2001. They reside in Franklin, TN, with their 3 children and 2 dogs. On his downtime, he can be found creating culinary delights for his family or cheering on his favorite teams.

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