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Pulling Back the Curtain: The Guide

High fives and congratulations all around. 

Another great live event completed.  Attendees are happy.  The client is happy. We are happy.  But…How did we get here?

When you get to “pull back the curtain” and see what happens behind the scenes most people immediately picture a fast paced world of organized chaos and people moving from place to place at a dizzying pace.  In the center of all of this action, developed from the very beginning stands a steadying force.  To quote Donald Millers, Building a Story Brand book, it is the Guide. 

Those in front of the curtain, whether it be companies or artists are the rock stars. We are the guide.

Donald Miller – Building A Story Brand

It starts in the whiteboard discussions of the who, what, when, where and why’s.  If we understand the goals and challenge conventional thought, then we build a roadmap together that takes our clients from behind the scenes to in front of the curtain with ease.  You see our job as a guide, mirrors our company world view which lays out in this order:

  1. Client Needs
  2. Project Needs
  3. Our Needs

As a guide, we are responsible for the needs of our clients first and foremost.  We have been down this path before.  We know the pitfalls and the challenges.  We have the bumps and bruises to show. We exist to make this journey painless for those we support. 

Pulling back the curtain starts at the beginning. 

The guide has to be in place before we start down the journey of design and production, creative content, and storytelling strategies for companies and artists.

Justin Zebell, President + CEO, Streamline Event Agency

Justin Zebell

Justin serves as the President and CEO for Streamline Event Agency. With over 20 years of experience in entertainment and events, his passion is creating and executing events for our clients while developing new client relationships. Justin and his wife Wendi have been married since 2001. They reside in Franklin, TN, with their 3 children and 2 dogs. On his downtime, he can be found creating culinary delights for his family or cheering on his favorite teams.

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