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Leave Your Company Events Singing the Same Song

Keep Your Audience Engaged Throughout Meetings

Because Streamline Event Agency has the privilege of working with both business owners and artists to plan their events, we’ve found they can both benefit from one another.  One question we hear regularly on the corporate event side, “How do we keep our audience engaged in our message throughout our meetings?” One statement we hear a lot from artist managers, “We need new audiences for my artist to be in front of.”

Event Content Must Be Sticky

Enter Streamline Event Agency. The light bulb truly went off when overheard one CEO leaving his three-day corporate event where they spent a significant amount of money educating their employees on new strategies for corporate goals. “I’m not sure anyone here retained what we said,” said this frustrated CEO, “What I really need is everyone to leave singing the same song.” Wow, that makes total sense to us! The corporate meeting is in dire need of reinvention and retention. A new, younger, more nuanced work force is coming in at the same time the veterans are leading. We believe in content must be designed that is sticky for both audiences.  

Creative Content is Right Under Our Nose

When we discuss merging entertainment and corporate events, historically that has meant booking a band for the closing night party. That is almost the opposite of what we mean. Actually that can be a massive waste of money unless the entertainment is connected to the content. Our database is filled with creative people in songwriting, filmmaking, storytelling, illustrators, video producers, recording artists, and credentialed Universities who teach on the rise of creativity in the work force.

If you’re a business looking to spice up your next corporate event, we’re happy to help. We believe we are on the front end of a massive movement in reinventing the meeting template from something you must attend, to something you can’t wait to attend.  And as we say in Nashville…the content is the key. Let Streamline Event Agency work up a pitch for your group to create content they will retain all year long.

Want to create content for your corporate event that sticks all year?

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Don Donahue

Don Donahue is a multi-faceted industry veteran – Talent Scout, Label President, Booking Agent and Concert Promoter.  He believes the platform of live entertainment is a valuable tool for education and creative reinforcement of content.

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