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On the sidelines

My television viewing habits avoid sporting events at all cost, including but not limited to, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, and, the most dreaded, football. Sports just don’t appeal to me – at least on TV.

Growing up in central Pennsylvania I was surrounded by Steelers fanatics and Eagles enthusiasts. However, I was generally pretty oblivious to the world of sports, aside from those to which my dad turned his attention on occasion – the Hoosiers and the Indy 500. Hailing from Anderson, IN, my dad has Indiana sports in his veins.

Game Changer

Each year on Memorial Day weekend, Streamline has the pleasure of producing an event for a client which surrounds the Indy 500. I will admit that I don’t watch sports on television; yet, there’s something about a live sporting event that gets the blood flowing and the adrenaline pumping.

Hordes of admirers filled the bleachers and crowded the sidewalks. Rows of cars sat stagnant one after the other in anticipation, creeping along until they breached the gates and entered into the madness. Fans dressed in full team regalia. Overzealous crowds bellowed in adoration. The scent of race day favorites searing on the grill lingered in the humid air, all creating a unique race day atmosphere and all in hopes that one winner would emerge victoriously. Seeing it all unwrap was a game changer.

Team Player

The Indy 500 isn’t about one driver working their hardest to meet a goal and get the gold. There were 33 drivers who competed in the Indy 500 this year. Each driver surrounded by a team of professionals – engineers, strategists, mechanics, etc. Then there’s the sponsors, the plethora of individuals maintaining and running the track, food stands, the parking lots, security, etc. Then there’s the fans. Without the fans tuning in from home or purchasing tickets to be in the stands, buying race day swag and memorabilia, showing support for their driver and their team, the Indy 500 wouldn’t take place.

Whether it’s winning at the track or excelling in business, more often than not, it takes a team. I might not personally enjoy watching sports, but I respect the camaraderie and sense of team that they can encourage. Working for the team means understanding that it’s not just about the individual.

After the race, driver Tony Kanaan (Number 14 ABC Supply AJ Foyt Racing Chevrolet) said,

“You know, we have so many ABC Supply employees and Bryant employees here. Actually, between them, we had more than 2,000 employees here today. I feel like even on my worst day, I can’t give up. So even when I was back there in 24th, a lap down, I still had to race. I still had to prove to them that we’re here and we’re trying. It paid off with a top-10. Is a top-10 what we want? Not really, but after the day we had, I’ll take it.”

Tony may not have won, but he understands that the success he achieved wasn’t just his success.

At Streamline Event Agency, we are all about the team. We want our clients to be successful and we’re privileged to be a part of numerous teams, using our skills and talents to contribute to their success. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

What are you doing to help drive the success of your team? Comment below and let us know.

Lauren Hamilton

With over 5 years of experience in event and project management, Lauren’s strong organization and innate attention to detail promote thoughtful planning and execution. Through trust and communication, she focuses on cultivating relationships and inspiring a sense of shared purpose within the project team. Lauren is a creative thinker, an aesthetics enthusiast, a self-proclaimed Harry Potter fanatic, and an all around go-getter with a quirky sense of humor. Along with her musician husband, Lauren enjoys exploring the distinctive tastes, sites, and sounds of Nashville. Yet, she maintains strong roots in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where much of her immediate family resides.

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