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Creative Re-Invention: The Meeting Space

Capitalize On Opportunities

September has been the busiest month of EVENTS in our company’s history. We love working with our world-class clients to maximize every moment, and dollar to make their gatherings as memorable as possible.  The opportunity has never been better for us to capitalize on the opportunities to be creative in the meeting space.

World Renowned speaker/author/blogger Seth Godin recently put it this way:

I’m frequently amazed, but not particularly surprised, at what a bad job conferences do at their stated objective. What’s the problem? After all, these are expensive, professionally-run events that work hard to satisfy the typical attendee.
And that, of course, is the problem.
Facts don’t change people’s behavior.
Emotion changes people’s behavior.
Stories and irrational impulses are what change behavior. Not facts or bullet points.
If all we need were facts, then books alone would be sufficient. -Seth Godin
Be Creative

We whole-heartedly agree with Seth.  Streamline Event AGENCY (yes I meant to capitalize that word), is taking this opportunity to position ourselves as leaders in creative reinvention within the corporate meeting space.  Some of our ideas are simple – Change to soft seating as opposed to table rounds, use technology to your advantage to give shout outs to top performers, recommend much shorter ‘bursts’ of content rather than long key-notes, and always use a creative exercise/example to drive home the points made in each session.

We love watching our clients come to life, as they trust us with these small, but important, changes, and are always thrilled at the satisfaction these changes make to our clients meetings.

The Future of Events

We are working on MUCH bigger and more creative meeting applications that will roll out in 2019.  We have started testing a few with some clients and the early results are very positive.

So, how can Streamline Event AGENCY provide creative services to your next meeting?  We’d be honored to sit with you, listen, and make recommendations based on our collective 10+ years of working in the creative entertainment space.  We love discovering how creativity can improve the meeting space, and it’s our honor to work with a wonderful list of growing clients!

Don Donahue

Don Donahue is a multi-faceted industry veteran – Talent Scout, Label President, Booking Agent and Concert Promoter.  He believes the platform of live entertainment is a valuable tool for education and creative reinforcement of content.

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