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Streamline Event Agency Touring

Creating Your Live Show

Dedicated To The Touring business
Streamline Event Agency has been dedicated to the touring business for more than 20 years with a combined staff experience of over 50 years. As the market has evolved, the largest investment an artist’s makes is in the live event, and we have continued to provide solutions that support building and developing their careers. As we embrace the music industry of 2018 going forward, we have built a product and set of services that will provide a comprehensive solution to both the creative and logistical support needed for today’s artists.

Streamline will provide

  • Musical Design and Show Producer
  • Visual and Scenic Design
  • Lobby Activation for Sponsorships
  • Tour / Production Management
  • Trained Staff in Security and Active Crisis situations
  • Tour Staffing

We have partnered with some of today’s top creative minds from visual to musical. Our Staff and partners credits include Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Bob Seger, Michael McDonald, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Casting Crowns and more. Whether you are a new artist with one bus and a trailer, or an established artist selling out arenas, SEA can deliver a cohesive experience enhancing the power of your show and creating lifelong fans. Contact us to discuss more what we can do for you.

Visual and Scenic Design

We believe in creating a strong visual for artists, whether that is video content or physical set elements. We have designed for single bus and one trailer tours to large multi-truck tours in arenas. The key is investing into the experience…an experience that matches the rest of your brand.

Tour Staffing

SEA has built relationships both in Nashville and across the country for tour staffing including full crew and merchandise staffing. Surviving on the road is about the team and the people. We have great people and great relationships.

Tour / Production Management

At SEA, we have built an advance and data process that we would put up against anyone. Our advance process is built on a Fortune 500 project management software, ensuring that each advance is the same show after show. Our staff breathes logistics and efficiencies. We provide a backstop for you and your artists on the road with a support staff dedicated to your artists.

Musical Design / Show Producer

Building the song order of a record or streaming playlist, is one thing but building the dynamics of a live show is another. This is often overlooked for new artists, as well as even some established artists. Fans want to be taken on a musical journey that creates emotion and impactful moments. Our MD’s will work with yours to help shape the performance. Our show producer will work with the overall look and feel from both visual and musical to ensure that each creative element is working in tandem with each other rather than over-riding one another.

Training Staff in Security and Active Crisis Situations

In the world we live today, security is no longer a side bar conversation. It is front and center and every bit if not more important than the stage size and production needed for each night. Our staff has been trained by certified FBI and Homeland Security Personnel. Each of our tour managers understands the language to take with the venue and local authorities. They understand action plans in the case of an active crisis and will have the tour prepared to take action as necessary, providing a higher degree of safety for all of those on the road.

Lobby Activation / Sponsorships

Sponsorship is crucial to touring success, and giving the sponsors exciting activations with the touring audience is essential to success. Sponsors are flooding the market with money in hopes to expand their buying base, however, how sticky the sponsor is will depend on their results. If we can provide great activation and experiences for the sponsor in the lobby or the concourse, we can build an extended brand partnership that will be a win-win.

Plan your event
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