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Collaboration and Checkpoints Make Great Events

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We have the privilege of partnering with successful businesses to plan and execute large-scale events. When I look at the consistent success of these events, I can break our strategy into two key elements – Great Partners + Status Checks.

Find Partners with the Same Level of Excellence

Key production partners do two major things for our business, they hold themselves to a higher standard and they drive consistency in our delivery. Our standards of execution and planning go well beyond what most would consider “acceptable.” We hold our production partners to the same expectations. We know they will deliver a consistent experience and do the job well, making intelligent ‘event smart’ decisions to improve the quality of an event for our clients. That level of dependability is what drives our consistency.

Checks and Balances Lead to Consistency

Our consistency is also achieved by an intentional effort to apply a series of checks and balances to our internal and external communications, day to day scheduling, and seamless communication to our clients. We employ a systematic checkpoint at every stop that ensures we are putting out the most accurate, correctly formatted, branded, and proofed information. Our attention to detail is what gives us the ability to spot and correct issues in scheduling, event planning, catering, and production. When we are consistently focused and attentive to the details of every logistic, we improve our accuracy and increase the overall standard of execution.

We understand the pressure your team has when planning a presentation, event, or sales meeting. We have both internal staff and trusted partners who operate all under one stringent set of details which you will benefit from. When events require a high level of attention to detail, knowing our business, delivering consistent results, and intentionally checking our output is what sets our events apart.

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Chad Lambert

Chad started his career in the race capital of the world with mega events such as the half a billion attended Indianapolis 500 and Super Bowl 46. Chad’s career extended into the racing and entertainment markets during his time producing Firestone and Bridgestone events, and then providing Technical Direction to one of Nashville’s largest independent production companies.

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Plan your event
Plan your event