TBN – Surrounded

Case Study

About the Client:

TBN and Michael W. Smith have long been mainstays in their respective markets. TBN has an entire new brand and appeal and Michael has been making great music for several decades and has continued to establish a new generation of fans. Two like-minded entities with the goal to do something special.  


Streamline Event Agency was engaged 4.5 weeks from the live event on August 29, 2018. We were asked to be the live event producers and work hand in hand with both TBN and Michael W. Smith on all aspects of the event. We were asked to produce 16 – 18 songs of original content material for the LED walls in the design as well as oversee all production and backstage components of this one-night television event.


  • Show Producer
  • Creative Direction
  • Original 4K content for 16 pieces of music
  • Event Management
  • Production Management
  • Production Design
  • Backstage and Catering Management
  • Artist Management


The results were fantastic. That night over 9,000 people filled the arena in the round for an event unlike any other.

From the design to the original content created, to the incredible musicians on stage this event was a memorable one.

The event was successfully broadcast in the fall of 2018.

Check out our photos below and visit our content page for exclusive look at some of the original pieces we created.


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