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A Clean Slate

New Years Re-solutions

I am an avid fan of sensational storytelling and if you don’t already, I strongly urge you to set your DVRs weekly to record CBS Sunday Morning.  They produce stories in a way which keep you interested on any topic…you may not know you care about – or have something to learn about bird migration patterns as affected by the gulf stream around the Galapagos Islands, but lo and behold, 15 minutes later, I’m fascinated!  So as we enter new year with all the talk about goal setting and resolutions (re-solutions as you’ll discover in the story), leave it to CBS Sunday morning to hit me right between the eyes.

Making A Masterpiece

For me, and Streamline as well, there was much to celebrate in 2017 as we worked with incredible artists and managers, were blessed to move into fantastic new office space, we expanded our roster on both the touring, and corporate side and developed deeper professional and personal connections with each other and our community.  But if we’re honest, there were lines drawn which we’d like to erase and retrace.

There were small cracks in our plans that needed repair. SO…enter Faith Salie and the brilliant storytellers at CBS Sunday Morning to hit me in the heart with two words I’ve never before heard or knew the meaning of:  PENTIMENTO (Italian) and KINTSUGI (Japanese).

Looking Closer

Pentimento is a process brilliant artist Matisse sometimes used when he drew. Upon closer look at certain sketches, he kept the bad lines visible to show how he got to the end result.  Kintsugi is a Japanese process of repairing broken ceramics with gold – to not only show the cracks, but to accentuate them with beauty.  WOW, what a concept I needed to hear.  The ‘bad lines’ and ‘broken vases’ are all part of making a masterpiece and honestly looking at how hard work (life, relationships, marriage, business) can be…but we’re building a masterpiece.

So, as we enter 2018, our wish is for all us to embrace the brokenness and turn it into art as we are being shaped into something beautiful!

Here’s the entire CBS Profile, it may be the best 2:13 you’ll spend today!
Happy New Year from our team to yours.

Watch The Video

Don Donahue

Don Donahue is a multi-faceted industry veteran – Talent Scout, Label President, Booking Agent and Concert Promoter.  He believes the platform of live entertainment is a valuable tool for education and creative reinforcement of content.

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