Some days this is truer than others.  As my team found out about 10 days ago, unexpected things happen for no apparent reason.  Enter two loads of firewood, a Friday afternoon, and trying to do too much at one time.  The result was an unhindered, unbraced fall landing my noggin square on the side of a curb in a parking lot.  What followed was a series of auto-pilot decisions, a trip to the ER, and several days of required rest and break from screens of any kind.  It was humbling to find myself reliant on others to piece together what happened and reliance on others to carry life forward.  In the grand scheme of concussions, this was a mild one, so I wasn’t laid up for weeks on end.  Just a few days of disconnecting and dependence on others were challenging but then remarkably refreshing!
As I ponder the last two weeks and the “incident” two things really rose to the surface that I think is relevant in our business and what all of us do from time to time.  When I fell, there were three to four people that tried to help me out and I insisted I was OK and didn’t need any help.  Instead, out of fear of what just happened I resisted assistance and got in my car and drove home on auto-pilot.  I don’t remember this drive home;  it was like every other drive I have made thousands of times.  There was no variance.  No changing it up.  It had become so second nature that I chose it over the fear of change.  I wanted familiar.

If I just did it like I always did it, I would be okay. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 8.59.51 AMOnce at home my family took me to the ER and I then realized I needed others to help me.  Life had happened and my plate was full.  I was doing good to breathe in and out, much less think about anything else.   I needed other people to make decisions on my behalf with the big picture view in mind. My family, the doctors, and my team knew what I didn’t know and were able to navigate the days ahead with clarity that I didn’t possess. I am forever grateful to my family and my team for picking up where I left off that Friday afternoon.

So, put this into a business world view.  Often, we find that clients are “too afraid” to make a change.
Why disrupt what we have always done?
We are on auto-pilot. 
Sometimes auto-pilot isn’t as safe as it seems.  Accepting help despite fear would have been the better choice for me.   It is scary to find yourself needing to depend on others.  However, once you let go of what you can’t do well, it is refreshing to know that someone else gets you and they do what you can’t do.  They understand you and where you want to go.  Streamline Event Agency is that to your business.

For all of us life happens and the things you do because you can, are not the best use of your time. Streamline Event Agency can be that partner for you.  We can disable auto-pilot and we can bring you a big picture view and clarity you can’t seem to find.  Contact us to find out how we can support your story –


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